The Clock Wallclock (premium)

Due to the packaging these clocks are shipped one at a time, please do not add any other products to the basket when ordering, thank you. If you are outside of the UK please email shewore@gmail.com to order.

If you are paying via the non-refundable deposit we will email you once the confirmation email has been sent out to give you our bank details so you can pay the balance off as and when you like. Please note the Clock will only be made once the full balance has been paid.

I have wanted a replica Clock myself for years and have been searching for a company to make them for just over a year now. As anyone who has looked into this will tell you it's not easy and established British clock makers completly ignored me. Chinese Clock makers wanted me to make 5000 in cheap plastic with a cheap mechanism but i didn't want a $4 clock and I'm sure you don't. The other issues of buying from China was the little matter of $20,000 for the clocks (plus inport tax, which is the same as VAT) plus cargo shipping to the UK and then freight transpost from the docks and the little matter of finding secure affordable storage space. I'm guessing this is why no-one has managed to make and sell these clocks for a long while.

About 10 weeks ago I was put in touch with a small firm (ran by Arsenal fans) who make mirrors with images on them and one of the mirrors they bought to our first meeting had a clock on it so the idea was hatched (after a couple of beers) to make a proper Clock clock. We both agreed from day 1 that if we are going to do this we will make a premium Clock, with parts that are not only top quailty but also value for money and on that brief they have come up trumps. These are not cheap Clocks, in either the parts and the manufacter and inturn the price. For those who purchase one of these you are buying the Dennis Bergkamp of Clocks, not the Diaby.

The first 10 of these Clocks will be shipped out on or before the 24th July and then shipped out at 5 per week from there and if you purchase one you will have the date on the shop and the invoice that's the latest the Clock will be posted. These will be sent via Royal Mail recorded delivery to the UK. If you would like one shipped outside of the UK please email me on shewore@gmail.com as delivery costs will vary.

Specs -

Diameter - 300mm (12 inchs)

Weight (boxed) - 1.7 kgs

Total Width - 12mm

Clock Face - 6mm thick clear, toughened glass with a bevelled and polished edge. Machine cut vinyl dial with white and black enamel detailing

Clock Hands - Hand crafted, resin moulded made to scale

Clock Backing - 6mm thick resin with carbon fibre look. 60mm (diameter) Clock housing made with resin to match. Italian made metal wall hanging bracket incorporated into the resin for easy hanging

Mechanism - German made Quartz clock mechanism with LR1 1.5V battery supplied.